Set menu highlight color

I would like to change the highlight color on menu selections. Right now it’s white on yellow, which is nearly unreadable. I’ve seen “Your topic is similar to…” but it’s mostly Mac or is unrelated. Over in Options, Appearance I can change all kinds of things but I can’t find anything about Menus.


(btw, it’s amusing in this forum software to see the tags identified as Optional, then be told I have to choose at least one. )

On the Windows platform you can change the menu Highlight color through Themes. Creating a Theme is a complex undertaking, but changing only one color is not that much of a problem.
What Theme are you using now?
Why is the text White on yellow?

I believe you can change individual colors through: Options> Apperance>Main Editor (or wherever you need it)>than on the right there should be “options” and “colors” tab

All the best.

Not for the menu item highlight color, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the reply. I think it happens in more than one, but we can take Solarized Dark as an example.

There, it’s white lettering on very light grey highlight. It should be pointed out that this combo only happens on hover. Once I click on any top-level menu item it becomes white lettering on a bluish background.

I have a faint acquaintance with XML and with CSS. Enough to know to be careful and make backups. Is there a tutorial or a website you can refer me to? I might be willing to go in and fiddle.

Or I might just use a different theme!

I already had an updated Theme for the SolarizedLight Theme and corrected the missing Highlight of the selected menu. This Theme has a light orange Highlight color so selections in the Assign Section Layout… window are better visible. (18.2 KB)

I’ve had a look at the SolarizedDark theme, as well. The problem with the highlighted menu item was the same and is corrected in this version: (20.0 KB)
The selected color in Assign Section Layout… is just visible in this Theme.

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Thank you! I’m downloading both right now.

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Remember to Import them instead of Loading them from file… Then Scrivener adds them to your Themes menu.

The other trick is to take the theme you like go to file>options>appearance>editor and change background and text color to your preference and then go to window>Themes>Save theme to a file and rename theme as X_light editor or whatever so can easily pick out your personal modification. then when want to Window> Load theme from file and pick out modified theme to have it the way you want. Thank god no programming needed. I just got on medicare and don’t need that.

Just that the menu item color can’t be changed that way.

That worked. I’m sure you knew it works, but I thought I’d confirm and extend my thanks for taking the time to make the adjustment.

Is there a resource I could consult to find out more about how to make theme modifications? There are a couple of other changes I would make (e.g., FG/BG contrast in Comments). I’d be able to tell quickly whether my rusty CSS and XML skills are up to the task.