Set up for Compiler

Thank you for your help. I understand the explanation about compiling.

How do I arrange the Chapter number and description in the editor so it compiles on the first page of each chapter showing a Chapter number, Description/subtitle, and then the text. That should allow me to format each element differently.
The image shows the description and text but not the chapter number in the editor.

I have been through the tutorial but it is not clear.Thank you so much.


What you ask for is done when you compile, not displayed in the editor while writing.
Scrivener is not a wysiwyg editor like Word so editor and compiled output will almost never look the same.

The easiest way to get titles the way you want is to use the binder titles as titles in the output. That way you can easily choose an output format that adds numbers.

I think it might be a good idea to go through “Getting it out there” in the interactive tutorial once more.