Set word targets in outline mode

Is it possible to change the target words for documents while in Outline mode (In S3)? I see the targets displayed. But I don’t see a way to change them.

It would be nice to see all the targets to give me context for setting individual targets. That way, when I’m reviewing my progress, I don’t have to open an individual document, then (find and) click on the target icon, then move the cursor back to a higher level document, then click outline again.

Click on the target field to change it.

that didn’t work. You mean the cell where the “target” column intersects with the document column right? That would make sense. But when I do that, nothing happens.

Sorry, double-click. (Didn’t have Scrivener up when I posted before. Oops.)

Your intriging title doesn’t represent this post. I’d be interested in the answer to the question of how to write in one order, present in another. Now it’s 42.

(To this aside: Try selecting a Collection from the compile group dropdown in the Contents tab. This will use the collection order rather than binder order. This is incidentally also one of the few ways you can compile material from outside of the draft folder.)


This is very strange. I wanted to start TWO threads, one on this question (write/present in different orders) and one on targets (how to set in Outline mode).

When I double-click, it just opens the document.


You got two answers for the prize of one :wink:
Heed to AmberV’s answer above.

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I’m using the lastest Scrivener (3.2.3 I think) on the latest version of mac osx (12.2 maybe?). There is no box in which to enter a number, and no up/down button for changing what’s there, for the target words item for a document.

Could you post a screenshot, please? I tested this in my own copy of Scrivener 3.2.3, and it worked as described. Maybe you’re in a different place?

Aha! In the process of doing the screen shot, I figured it out. I had “Total Target” as a column. That cannot be changed. When I added “Target”, I got a column that behaves as expected. I’m including the screen shot with both columns, in case someone else has this question and follows this thread. THANK YOU, everyone!!!

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 11.30.01|690x416