Setting block quote for compile

I’m trying to figure out how to offset a section of text for a block quote in the APA template, but I can’t figure it out. When I compile for print the text comes out as a “regular” paragraph.

Fortunately, this is a paper that I’m importing to Scriv, rather than a brand new one to turn in for grade, so I have time to fiddle with it.

Any suggestions?

I assume you’ve indented the quote in the Editor, but the indent’s not being retained during compilation.

Have you tried preserving the formatting of the block quotes?

Select the quotation and then Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. You quotation will then have a blue background with a dotted border.

There’s a preset format you can also use both to set the indent and to preserve the format in the Format > Formatting > Apply Preset menu: Essay Block Quote (Preserved), which you can adapt to your needs.

Your problem may be different of course… but this is the first thing to try.



Thank you, David, the “Preserve formatting” is exactly what I was looking for. However, the preset might be more what I want to use. Unfortunately, the preset doesn’t have the “right” options (i.e. line spacing) for the paper.

How (or can?) I change the preset globally?

You can update an existing preset, or create your own, based on selected text that has all the attributes (including the preserver formatting setting) applied to it. It’s in the same menu location, I believe.


As Robert says, it’s a simple matter of formatting your first block quote the way you want it, using the line spacing, tabs from the ruler, font tools etc etc etc, not forgetting to set ‘Preserve Formatting’ on the paragraph as before.

Then Format > Formatting > Redefine Preset from Selection > Essay Block Quote (Preserved) and then you can use the preset for all subsequent block quotes (and it will persist for new projects as well.