Setting default export location

Hi there,
I recently bought a new MBP and had performed a clean install of each of my apps, files, etc.
I can’t remember how I did it, but on my old machine exporting a project always went to one, default folder.
This was the only folder I ever really used and it was very convenient to always know my projects were ending up there.
Now that I’ve reinstalled Scrivener, I can’t find the option to set this default location anywhere.
While not a huge problem, it is a little annoying to have to go and select the same folder over and over again.
How do I set the default export folder in Scrivener on Mountain Lion?

There is no such setting for this because the Mac convention is to select the last location you used, for you. If you compile once to “~/Documents/Output”, then your project should always use that location. The only reason it would not do so is if that location disappears for some reason.

that is odd, then. I save to the same folder each and every time and yet, it defaults to another folder. Perhaps there is something amiss in where my folder resides?