Setting default fonts in iPhone app

Hi, I’ve just started using the iPhone app, but I have two issues I could use help with, as someone with shonky eyes, both of which I need to set the global defaults for:

  1. is there a way to choose the the font colour so that in dark mode, it appears as white instead of grey?

  2. how do I set global default fonts/size? So far I only seem to be able to select existing text and change that using the paintbrush, but then new paragraphs show in the existing default font/size

“both of which” refers to the issues, not to my shonky eyes :slight_smile: (can’t edit posts apparently)

Welcome to the forums! I can answer your second question easily enough:

  1. Select a paragraph that’s formatted exactly as you would like to have it. Do all the paintbrush work you want to do on it. Be sure it’s absolutely the default formatting you want.
  2. Tap the Paintbrush icon again, then tap “Formatting Options,” fourth line down.
  3. Tap “Set as Default Formatting”, fourth line on the screen.

Now, Default Formatting only applies automatically to NEW documents. So, select all the existing text (except any that you want to have non-default formatting!), then tap Paintbrush: Formatting Options: Use Default Formatting. Now if you insert or add new text anywhere in that document, you should get the default you just created. Any new document in the project will have your new default automatically. Unfortunately, you can only convert your existing text to your preferred default one document at a time.

As for question #1 regarding dark mode on iOS, the short answer is “no.” If you select any text colour other than “no colour”, even pure white, the text will show a less intense grey. So your choices are grey, and greyer. I’ll admit I just don’t use dark mode on iOS for this very reason.

gold star, for champion succinctness, side by side with Silverdragon™ completeness and accuracy :slight_smile:

(I had chased these two paths of meanings for formatting areas down in Scrivener Windows, very similar thinking, once myself)

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Maybe I’m missing something, but where is the paintbrush icon on the iPhone app? I know where it is on the iPad app, but I don’t see it anywhere on the iPhone app.

By default , it’s in the third extended keyboard row (see screenshot below.)

If you don’t have the extended keyboard showing at all, open the Settings app, tap Scrivener, tap Editor, and turn on Keyboard Row.

If you have the row showing, swipe right on it repeatedly until you’ve seen all three of the rows. Tap on the paintbrush when it appears.

If none of the 3 rows shows the paintbrush (not impossible—it’s easy to replace it with something else by mistake) then select an icon you’re not likely to use, long tap on it to bring up the list of possible icons, and tap on the paintbrush.

Hope this helps!