Setting default formatting

In Scrivener 3, how do I set up the default formatting to how I had it in Scrivener 2?

I can use Copy Formatting and Paste Formatting for each new document, but is there a way to tell the app “Do it like this in future, please”?

(I searched online for how to set default formatting, but the answers are all for how it was done in Scrivener 2, and it’s different now, and I can’t find the way to set it.)

Does this help?

Formatting.pdf (146 KB)

Mmmm it should - but how do I get to that view, please?

Oh, wait, I found a way - actually simple if you’re not expecting to do it through the Prefs: went to Help and searched for “formatting” and there’s a “Make formatting default” choice, either for this project or for all projects. Excellent!