Setting default language to US English

I’m an American living in the UK. The default for my MacBook is UK English as professionally much of the work I do is for the UK market. However, I am working on a novel and want to spell check it in US English. Without changing my MacBook’s default language, how do I do this? The dropdown in Scrivener preferences only lists “default” which I assume defaults to my MacBook which is set to UK English, or it lists “English” which appears to also be UK English. There are other languages listed but no US variant of English. Any thoughts on this? Everything I’ve seen on here shows screenshots of older preferences panels and in many of them US English appears to be listed.

I should add, I’ve got v3.1.1

The language setting in your screenshot is only for the UI, which is always US English (there is no UK English localisation for the UI). There is no way to set a particular project to use English spell-checking, I’m afraid, or even to tell Scrivener to use a different language from the system - the only way is to set it at the system level. Although this is less than ideal, unfortunately Apple does not provide a way for apps to override the system default.

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This should work: load your project in scrivenings mode, press CMD : to open the spellchecker, change the language to US English. (You might need to press the shift key to type the colon, so possibly CMD SHIFT COLON, depending on the layout of your keyboard.)

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Thanks @JoRo - your suggestion worked a treat!

A pleasure.

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