Setting Default Scale For Images

Is there some place I can set the images to scale to 550 wide to fit the paper margins? It’s shrinking them to 800 by default and I can’t find a place to change that.

Let me know. Thanks.

Creating e-books, that setting actually exists in the Compile Format Designer.
Are you creating an e-book?

In almost every case it is better to size the image the way you need it using a graphic design program, rather than leaving that task up to a text editor’s built-in library for displaying images. In this case specifically, Scrivener doesn’t resample the graphics, but adjusts the DPI in order to give the appearance of it being larger or smaller. It however doesn’t show you the DPI, which can lead to negative consequences, such as images that have way too many pixels, which unnecessarily bloats the book size, or images with far too few pixels that end up printing chunky or blurry.

So if you know for sure that the final book will print to 550pts wide1, you can get them that width to start with, resampling and sharpening as needed to keep them within the target DPI for your printer.

All of these images are produced and finalised outside of Scrivener though. What I drop into the editor is a done and finished, perfectly sized image.

1) By the way: 550pts seems very wide to me, I would double-check that with your printer, as 72pts is 1in, so you’re looking at around 7.6in, which would only leave a little less than 1/2in margin on each side of a full US Letter page—very unusual dimensions for a book! For the sake of illustration, the Scrivener user manual PDF is set to US Letter (which would again be unusual large for print), but as you can see it has a more generous margin than 1cm or so. The maximum screenshot width that I want to use is 396pts with a target density of 182 DPI minimum (for full clarity on high-res screens). For print I would want 300 DPI of course.

I don’t really create books, but more like instruction manuals. So almost all my images are screen shots with arrows and such on them. I don’t really care about bloat because these manuals are typically only 100 pages or so and I want the recipient to be able to pull out the high resolution image.

So your information is all true and correct, but doesn’t really fit my typical application.

My manuals are typically not word based or graphically based. I find that Scrivener actually does better at handling the graphics than Word does. Word freezes up because my file sizes can be so large. With Scrivener breaking it into segments, it can easily handle the screen shots. So, I’m really happy with Scrivener, but wonder if there is a way to set this for images.

I compile them both into document files and sometimes ebooks. Let me be very honest… I highly doubt anyone ever reads them either, maybe 1 in 10 are actually read. They are mostly just for looks. LOL. I put a lot of time in them for looks because it looks good handing off instructions for use when we finish a web project.

Looking forward to see a sample of your work!

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I can’t show a sample. They are internal documents for companies that use an agency for their web design. I write the instructions for how to use each segment of their websites though. It’s basically a lot of screen shots.

I create one of these per week, so I’m trying to reduce the time it takes.