setting line spacing when compiling

I’m trying to set the style for the output after compiling. I’d like to set the spacing within paragraphs to something other than double spaced, but I can’t find the setting for that. I watched a video that showed how to do exactly that. But the dialogue box does not have the button shown in the video.

[attachment=0]Compile formatting.png[/attachment]

There are options for Text color and highlight if you place the cursor in the paragraph of text, but I can’t screenshot that. Is the space formatting hiding in these tabs somewhere? Or is this not available in Windows?

Click the >> (more) button to see other options.


I did. The options to Highlight text or choose Text Color are the only options there. I can’t take a screenshot because when I click away to the screenshot tool, the drop down menu disappears.

So, when the dialogue box was the size I posted, the only options were Text Color and Highlight. I wanted to show you a screenshot, so I tried to expand the dialogue box. Guess what showed up when I expanded the dialogue box? Yes, the line spacing drop down. It had not been in the drop down menu, but it appeared when I expanded the dialogue box. A glitch for the programmers to fix, perhaps?

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the answer.

Yes, I see the same behavior (in the Beta). I thought originally you were talking about Scrivener 1, which I couldn’t test.

If you’re talking about the Beta, this should go in the Beta forum, not here.