Setting margins for single paragraphs.

I know this a really simple thing, and I have even done it in the past, but I can’t figure it out, and though I know it’s in the documentation, I’m not finding it there either.

I’d like to set up a margin for a number of selected paragraphs, so that in the editor they will display fully left aligned, without an indent at their start, or a hanging indent, but simply pushed in on the left, and if possible the right as well. Like the way block quotes are handled. With everything that follows reverting to the default margins.

I’m not concerned with compile settings, just what I see i the editor.


On a Mac, show ruler and then just drag the page margins to whatever width you want, for the paragraphs you want.

Same in Windows?

Hi. Thanks.

I would have thought that’s how it works. But I’m unable to drag the entire 3-part tab/indent slider as a single unit. I can drag the upper one, and get a conventional indent, and then drag the lower pair to the same position, for a hanging indent, which at least visually accomplishes the same thing. But not the whole.

The two lower ones seen locked together, and fully independent of the upper one.

Ah…works fine on the Mac. Hope a Windows user drops by with a more useful answer.

If you click the small rectangle under the upward-facing triangle, you can move all three together. It’s when you click either of the triangles that just that portion moves.

Right. That’s what I had been trying to do. There appears to be an inconsistency in how it works. It’s as though some of the pixels in the lower rectangle are not mapping correctly.

Here’s a screen cap.

(The screen cap also happens to show how, when you perform an action on selected text, and then undo that action, the text selection is lost and has to be selected again. As though it assumes that the wrong text had been selected, in addition to or rather than, the wrong command having been issued. But that’s another issue for another thread.)

Could that also be the precision/imprecision of the mouse?

What do you use to create the animated gifs? Look very good.

I suppose it could be, being such a small area, but I don’t think it’s imprecision in the mouse, or in this case, the track pad. I don’t experience it anywhere else.

The screen cap was made with a program called

It’s a simple little utility that you can download, free, from the developer’s site at

It’s perfect for situations like this, where you need to capture screen action and mouse clicks.

Many thanks for the reply and the app tip. Will take a look.

Thanks for posting those - wish I’d known about the timestamping and capturing of mouse clicks yesterday when I used it. DOH. At least I was able to find the options now that I knew to look for them :blush: :laughing:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Are you also a Reaper user?

No, I’ve looked at the website briefly, but my audio editing needs are fairly light and so far Audacity does everything I need.

Once I get some time I plan to give the Reaper demo a try to see if there’s enough more that would justify me buying it.