Setting Project Information?

I’m new to Scrivener, but I’m generally pretty good with software and I’ve watch all the vids and I’ve looked through the Knowledge Base, however, I’m not seeing how/where to add the basic project information for your project? Where can I set my Project Title and my Author Name and so on?

It looks simple and straightforward in the MAC version (via the vids) but I’m not seeing it in the Windows version…please help.

Hi, Ashy, AFAIK, this can be done on a project by project basis but at the template level. For instance, if you select the Novel template, the guide will tell you to change that in the header/footer in Compile options.

Anyway, I second your request in case there’s a better way to do this in Windows (perhaps a <$> placeholder tag of some kind?)

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Groovy, r6d2 (GREAT name, BTW)

However, what if I’m creating my own template?

The text in the templates is just static placeholder text on Windows at the moment, so you can create your own personal template and just set all that unchanging information (author name, address, etc.) in the template itself to save yourself re-entering it each time you create a new project. You can use the compile-time placeholders <$projecttitle> or <$compilegroup> in place of the “Project Title” in the title page or other document text to have that automatically replaced with either the project’s file name or the name of the Draft folder when you compile. (The Draft folder is for instance renamed “Manuscript” in the Novel template, but you can instead call it whatever your book is titled.) Text in the page header and footer in compile is static at the moment, so you’ll need to enter your name and so forth there as well, though again you can save compile settings as presets if you like, so you may want to set one up with your name just to give you starting point.

We are planning to simplify this for Scrivener in the future, so it should have a central location to apply some of these common project settings so you can make more use of placeholder tags in templates and compile.

I think I see, Jennifer- thanks.

However, I still have one issue. When I add the <$projecttitle> tag into my header, only the tag displays in the output, as I still don’t know where to add the information to fill said tag.

Same issue with the authorname tag.


There isn’t an <$authorname> tag in Windows; you just need to put in the name manually. You’ll need to do likewise for the page header and footer in compile at the moment, as only the page numbering tag <$p> works there. I believe there’s a list of the current Windows tags in the user manual; there’s also a list here.

Ah! Well, that makes more sense!