Setting targets for folders on OS X

When I want to set a word count target on a single document, I have a little target icon in the bottom right corner of the window that lets me do so. I am unable to set a word count target for a chapter (which is a folder full of documents) on OS X, but I can open the file up in Scriv for Windows and set the target, and then open the document on OS X, and the target is there, but I can’t edit it.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to set word count targets for folders on OS X?

Setting a goal for a container/folder should be the same on both platforms—perhaps your view settings are such on Windows that you needn’t do anything beyond clicking on the folder, but if so that is just a transient condition that changes whenever you change the view mode yourself. For example if you use the Corkboard, Scrivener will go on using that until you use document text editing mode (or whatever, but single document editing mode on a folder would give you the targets button).

Speculation aside, to set a goal on anything (text or containers alike) you need to be looking at the text editor, and to do that, you just need to turn off the current group view by clicking on the highlighted icon in the toolbar, selecting the checked entry at the top of the View menu or using the keyboard shortcuts.

There is another way to set goals: using the Outliner view, with the “Target” column visible. You can then simply view the folder (probably by clicking on Draft, unless you organise into acts or parts) and double-click in the associated Target cell, to set the goal for that container.

Click on the chapter folder, and then click on the scrivenings icon. This shows the total word count of the folder at the bottom in the middle (Scriveners/Yosemite)
If you want to set a specific target, put it into the chapter name…?