Setting the Outliner to default view?

Is there any way to set the Outliner as the default edit mode? Scrivener seems to return to the document mode whenever the lowest level element in an outline is selected. I’d love to be able to browse and create items in Outline without reverting to document mode.


You can already set Outline as the default view for containers — and you probably have. If you select a single text doc though, there is no hierarchy of documents that that doc commands for Scrivener to show you. So, your wish doesn’t quite make sense to me given the nature of what the Outline View is a view of.

You can, if you like, lock one of the editors to its outline view so clicking around in the binder does not change that view.

Scrivener is hard-coded to assume that when you click on an end leaf node in the outline tree that you will be more interested in its content, than in its hypothetical and currently non-existent child items. There is no way to override that presumption, you just have to get very familiar with the Ctrl+3 / ⌘3 shortcut! :slight_smile:

Alternatively, the way I avoid this problem for the most part is to take advantage of what the outliner already does well, by letting you edit hierarchy in a specific area of the larger tree that you’re interested in. If my intention is to develop a series of leaf nodes with further hierarchy, then I don’t click on those, I click their parent at the level above, and then freely develop the outline within that view, without further navigation.

That aside, I definitely toggle the outliner on for text nodes! Don’t get me wrong, but then I am generally doing so as a reflex to what I’m writing in that section. I am perhaps coming to realise that what I’m writing is more complex than what a single node should carry, and so I want to develop that section into subsections.