Setting up a Structured Story-Development Environment

This is a Feature magazine or newspaper starter template that you can use as is or expand upon.

No longer available. This was only for beta testers. It is not a part of the commercial application.

Thank you for posting this and the other templates. Haven’t had time to actually use them yet, but I look forward to it. I wish I had one to contribute myself; maybe someday. Nice to see the Scriv community acting like one!

This look neat. Thanks for sharing LL. This will be helpful as I get closer to my dissertation.

A few questions:

The draft documents include Chapters 1-4 and 9-10. Is the intent to create our own 5-8?

The TOC also appears to have a few sections missing or inconsistent with the draft list.

I mention it as I don’t want to pollute your proven work with my own ideas about what may or may not belong.



Yes, well spotted bluloo.

Response to request:

Master Fiction Template referred to earlier in this thread.

No longer available. This was only for beta testers. It is not a part of the commercial application.

Master Fiction Template B.

This may have presented problems unstuffing. I have removed it for the time being.

No longer available. This was only for beta testers. It is not a part of the commercial application.

When I attempt to create a new project using Master Fiction Template A, I get a message that “The project you are trying to load uses an older format and cannot be opened. Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory.”

After the updating has apparently taken place, I end up with a completely empty new project, no files, nothing. And if I attempt to make a new project again with the template, the same process just repeats.

I’m pretty new to Scrivener… Am I doing something wrong?

(I’m using version 1.03).



Ah, didn’t realize I should be using the latest beta version. Thanks, that fixed it!

Lord Lightning, this Fiction template is kickass, especially the Character Types section. I nearly always start Story Development from Characters - probably cos I wz performance poet before writing drama. Horoscopes are my best tool.

I just feel sorry for all my PC based friends, who can’t use Scrivener :wink:

Thanks Shege,

It gives me a warm glow of satisfaction when someone appreciates the years of work that went into putting together the material for the Master Fiction Template.

Thanks for making me smile. I know how Keith feels when someone says well done and thanks for Scrivener. I just can’t imagine life as a writer without it.


Lord Lightning,
Probably I forgot to thank you for the Master Fiction Template. It resumes more than half of the books in my writing manual bookshelf, so it couldn’t be more useful than that. Thank you!

Thanks Paolo,


Thanks for your thoughtfulness Greg! This is a great help to this Newbie!!!

I have tried to download and install the template as found here: … c&start=45

However, when I create a new project using this template, Scrivener ‘updates’ the project, and then opens an empty project with a trash can ONLY. This doesn’t seem quite right given the description of all the chapters, etc. I successfully imported another template, so I don’t think it is my inability to import (always a possibility though…). Is it possible to repost the PHD template to make sure the version is up to date? I would very much like to see it.


Just a guess, but it sounds like the template was created with a recent beta version and you’re using a release or earlier beta version. Make sure you’re using the latest beta and try again.

Hi mariagwyn,

mamster is right. It is important to use the latest version of Scrivener.

Are you using the method of importing the template found here: … php?t=1915

It is my reply to klindy using the NEW PROJECT BINDER - there is a picture there of how to do it.

  1. Open Scrivener and use the New Projects dialogue box.
    A drop-down menu at the bottom will let you locate the template and move it to your user Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates.

So the steps are firstly to just place the template PhD Template Qualitative Model.scrtpl on your desktop. The important bit is the .scrtpl suffix.

Secondly, open Scrivener then a new project. Now you are not actually opening a new project, that is where the little drop down menu is. It says, Templates. Click it and the Import/Export Templates menu drops down.

Click on Import Template(s).

Point it to the .scrtpl file on your desktop. It should then import it for you to your user Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates.

  1. If that is presenting problems, just manually put it in your user Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Templates.

Please don’t feel silly or anything if it will not work for you - let me know and I will try something else.

Hope that helps.

I just downloaded it and imported it and it works fine for me using version 1.08 of Scrivener.


LL and Mamster:

Thanks. I was not running the beta, I was on 1.03. I installed 1.08, and everything imported just fine. I will be sure to note any problems withe the beta on the appropriate thread, but so far, it seems to be running just fine. And I sort of like the phd template…someone is FAR FAR more organized than I, and I am glad to benefit.


I’m a struggling author and Scrivener “test driver.” I’ve been bouncing around various Mac word processors (Word, Nisus, Pages) but keep coming back to Word because of its outlining ability. However, the idea of supporting the Great Satan Gates annoys me.

I think this structured story template, combined with the short learning curve, makes Scrivener a Word replacement, and is probably the reason I’m going to buy.

My question: I’m pondering the difference between a pitch, a premise and a theme, as listed in the template. In my mind they’re interchangeable: a very brief summary of what the story is about. (This may be one of many reasons why I’m still a struggling author.)

Could a few of you expound on which is what?

Don Hollway

How about, for “Alien”:

Pitch: Jaws in space.

Premise: When a lethal alien invades a spaceship, the crew have to kill or be killed.

Theme: The will to survive.