Setting up images for page bleed

I’m not very familiar with Scrivener yet and I’m still getting my bearings, so I apologize if this is common knowledge that I just don’t know yet, but is there any way to have full control of the page margins such that I can have images right up to the edge?

I have two use separate cases for this in my project:

  1. Full page images; few and far between, but I have a full page image in between major sections of my book. I also want to use a couple of rare full page images as high-emphasis points.
  2. My vision for the project has little tabs for various sections. When printed, there’s a bleed margin, and some of the image will be cut off, but that will leave my little tab intact and will make it easier for readers to flip through color-coded sections. I tried to upload a screenshot to illustrate this but my account is too new.

If there’s a way to use an image as a page background, that would work beautifully.

Thanks for the help!

two separate use cases*

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Search for “image” on this page by @drmajorbob (and others), you might find what you are looking for.
(I tagged him because he knows stuff like this – I don’t.)

Else, note that Scrivener is not designed to handle images past a certain level where they are referenced to as a file more than anything else, or bluntly inserted.
Scrivener is a content creation software, not quite a final book formatting one.