setting up my first project

I’ve read the documentation and watched the 10-minute video but still need a little help.

I am working on a book, and the first step is to import my master’s thesis into the manuscript to serve as the skeleton. I created a new project (called ‘Manuscript’ in my binder), and then I imported my thesis. The thesis is there in the binder, but as a separate document, not as part of the ‘Manuscript’ project. I want them to be one and the same.

What’s the easiest route to making my thesis the working document for my book project?

Thanks so much for any help.

Can you click and drag the imported “thesis” under “manuscript”?

or add a new document under the manuscript, rename it as ‘thesis’ and copy/paste the contents of your imported work into the new empty document?

Thanks, scokar! The first suggestion seemed to do the trick.