setting up to compile

I’ve noticed a couple of things that might be fixed or perhaps put on a wish list. Your call.

I note that when I use COMPILE>page settings the page setup is only in cm. You don’t have to tell me how much better metric is; I’m sold. But we don’t use it here in Religionstan so for me a page is 8.5x11.

Similarly, in PREFERENCES>editor the margins are in pixels as is editor width and spacing between pages. I get that this is a reference to onscreen behavior, but isn’t there some more easily intelligible unit?

Finally, and this I guess is a wish, when compiling it would be nice to have a header option like <$D> for print date. That is crucial for me in keeping track of my work.

Thank you and of course many thanks for this program. And I hope for your speedy success at the iPad version.

Back in to the Editor preferences, there’s a setting for Ruler Units in the top right section of that window. This affects the page settings in compile, from what I can tell (I have it set to Inches, and compile uses Inches.)

I can’t address this, as I have zero insider knowledge, but I do know that on my 13" screen, 1cm/inch is smaller than on the 20" screen I sometimes hook up to my laptop. Pixels seem to be a little more consistent, and so don’t waste screen real estate. I’m guessing that’s the reason for pixels for on-screen editor settings, especially since What You Get will never precisely line up with What You See in Scrivener (WYG<>WYS).

<$date> works in the header. There are other date tags that can be found under Help->Placeholder Tags that might be useful, such as <$shortdate>.

Thanks so much for this helpful reply. I guess I CAN do those things, but one gets lost in the Rialto of settings, sometimes.