Setting up to Write a Comic in Scrivner

I’ve got a question. I’m currently planning on writing my first comic book on Scrivner. I wanted to know if I should set up Scrivner so that I can write each issue in a single Scrivener project or write each comic issuse in a different Scrivner project?

Scrivener doesn’t care. It’s entirely up to you.

Putting them all in one project allows you to share research materials and metadata among all the issues, and is probably simpler if you ever want to assemble all the issues into a single volume. This is probably what I would do.

Giving each its own project may have slightly less potential for confusion between issues or accidental editing of “finished” material.


Thank you. I think I will do that and keep it all in one project. Scrivner just has so much power and flexibility sometimes I just daunted by it. Best buy of the year so far.