Settings change, font reverts to some AppleScript, Footnotes were initially set, but not now

Hi All, First, I love working with Scrivener and have for a long time. I am into a rather serious project, documents included, and footnotes too.
-Even though I set a font when setting up the project, it is now a hodgepodge - every page different font…AppleScript shows up regularly. No, I didn’t pick it.
-This is a non-fiction work, thus footnotes, which I set up to show at the END of each chapter. Now when I printed out a draft, the footnotes are at the bottom of each page and not in the font originally set!
-I sure hope you have a remedy for what seems like gremlins rearranging my work!
Thanks much

  1. When you say you “set the font when setting up the project” what did you do? Did you establish what the default paragraph format was to look like? Create a brand new document in the project and type a paragraph or two. This will show you how your default paragraph is set. Is it what you are expecting (and not getting)? If not, then your trouble is likely that in various places in your project your paragraphs have fallen back to the default. You should set the default paragraph format to what you like to see.

  2. When you talk about printing out your draft, are you printing directly from Scrivener or Compiling and printing the output of that? If you are printing directly, then what you are getting is a kind of quick draft print function and your footnotes will alway be rendered at the bottom of the page. To get other kinds of results, you need to Compile your draft.

  3. Speaking of Compile, unless you have been applying Styles to all your paragraphs, Compile is going to render all your body text in a uniform manner anyway, so the irregularity in format you are seeing may not show in your result.

  4. Have you tried applying to a document this command: Document > Convert > Text to Default Formatting? Do this on a duplicate of some docs first to make sure it does what you want and doesn’t do things you don’t want.

  5. Have you been copying and pasting things out of your web browser into your documents? That is a recipe for getting all kinds of weirdness in a document. As a general rule, always use Paste and Match Style when pasting a passage copied from a web page and that will help a good deal. You might also want to use Zap Gremlins on such documents to get rid of invisible characters you don’t know about.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.


P.S. AppleScript is a programming language, not a font.

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Thank you, GR! your detailed answers has certainly helped me understand and navigate Scrivener with more confidence and efficiency. Much appreciated, Bonnie