Seven-Act Structure (Jacob Krueger?)

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During my random browsing through the internet today, I found reference to something called “Seven-Act Structure”. It’s supposed to apply to scripts, in particular “Move of the Week” scripts, and from what I can see it’s associated with someone called Jacob Krueger. But that’s about all I could find out. Purely out of interest, does anyone know anything about this putative structure? How the seven acts break down? Obviously I’m not really looking for a formula here, I’m just always interested in things like this out of sheer curiosity.

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You’ve presumably Googled Krueger, Keith, and discovered, as I did, that you have to take the course to learn about the breakdown? :frowning:

At a guess, I’d say he’s trying to make the three-act/five-act plans more manageable by making the pieces more bite-size — and, for Movie of the Week, perhaps more consistent with ad-breaks.


Yes, exactly - I Googled it, so wondered if anyone knew any more beyond having to take the course. :slight_smile: I did a bit more searching around, and it seems that - depending on who you listen to - the middle act of a three-act structure becomes five acts, or four acts and then the last act becomes two… Or something. But yes, all to do with ad breaks, so it seems that it has nothing to do with classical structure and more to do with allowing for commercials.
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See also this entry at Google Books for a similar view.

And a couple of pages from Skip Press’ book here.


That helps a lot! Thanks!

But it just may be the beginning of the end for the seven-“act” structure as patterns of television advertising begin to lurch and morph:

The End of the 2-Minute Commercial Break