Several minor bugs in Beta 16

Hi, I’ve been using the betas for a while and haven’t submitted anything, so I have a bit of a backlog here (6 bugs in total), but as far as I can tell, they’re all still present in Beta 16. There may be some I’ve missed, but these are all the ones I’ve noticed and recorded thus far.

  1. Composition mode sometimes won’t collapse when I click the button. It only closes if I hit ‘Escape’. I thought this had to do with background fade being enabled, but after experimenting with that, it doesn’t appear to be the cause.

  2. When exiting composition mode with the program in dark mode, the window sometimes flashes white (I think momentarily reverting to daytime/light mode) before returning to normal.

  3. When changing zoom level in page view, strange highlighting appears all over the pages and only disappears when the contained text is selected (I usually hit ‘Ctrl+A’ and that fixes the whole text).

  4. Sometimes, when changing fonts, all italics disappear from the text, even when the font is italics-capable.

  5. The ‘Appearance’ menu in options is very confusing in regards to the editor and composition mode and the links are apparently mixed up. If I click on ‘Composition Mode’, the button on the right says ‘Copy From Fullscreen’ rather than ‘Copy From Editor’, and with the ‘Editor’ tab, it’s swapped (it says ‘Copy From Editor’ rather than ‘Copy From Composition Mode’). But with this, the buttons appear to do what their text says they’ll do (telling it to copy from composition under the composition colors menu copies the color there to the editor’s settings, and vice versa).

  6. In dark mode, the “white” space to the left of all folders and documents remains dark grey while the rest of the binder changes to the color chosen in settings.

I found two more, as listed below:

  1. When I exit composition mode, the main editor comes up fullscreen regardless of the window mode/size from beforehand and has to be reduced manually.

  2. When I click on the font selection menu, either in the title area or on the dropdown arrow, the list seems to load for a few seconds, then disappears and the program selects whatever font was listed where the initial click took place, giving no opportunity to actually look at the menu or scroll down to select a different font. I have to click a second time after this whole process in order to get an actual menu and select the font I want. This happens consistently in this version — I don’t remember noticing it in previous betas.

Not seeing this, and I just tried it. Is there a particular font or style where this happens, or a particular zoom level?

I’ve seen this when changing styles, sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes the formatting stays there, and sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure what the change or lack of it depends on.

The font and style doesn’t seem to matter for me, but it happens every time. I did, however, forget to clarify that this only happens in dark mode (which is what I basically always use these days).

Huh, it’s not doing it now… That’s strange, because it did it consistently before. Maybe it is related to a specific font or something – I do have a lot of custom fonts, and there are some favorites that I tend to use over and over (primarily Palatino Linotype, Calisto MT, and Share Tech/Share Tech Mono). I’d consider it an extremely minor bug in any case, as it doesn’t permanently affect anything.

However, in the process of attempting to recreate this bug, I’ve discovered another one that seems to happen when a document is in page view and I collapse the binder. It happened in two different documents, throughout three different tests, then all of a sudden failed to happen for the fourth test. I’m beginning to think my computer is interacting with the program in weird ways and causing these things to happen. :stuck_out_tongue: Should the bug actually happen, switching page view off and then on again fixes it. (I’ve attached a screenshot, with paint over the text because it’s an actual scene from my WIP.)

Ah, dark mode. I avoid dark mode because it’s a bit buggy.

So, Dark mode, Page view, select a little text, change zoom level.

No particular highlighting or strange coloring happens to me. Changed font to Segoe UI, still nothing. Palatino Linotype, nothing. Times New Roman, nothing. Try not selecting anything. Nothing.


The only thing I see is that at some zoom levels, serifs (and some extends on sans serif fonts, too) extend into the left margin beyond the selection rectangle.

Tried high DPI mode, as well. I see some interesting behaviors, but I don’t see this one. It should be reproducible.

Just saw your most recent post. Possibly Windows updated something that was interfering. It did lead me to some questions, though.

I see that with footnotes in normal view. May or may not be related.

Ah, that is entirely possible. Windows always seems to be updating these days, and I do know it’s done that a couple times recently, so maybe that messed with something. I’m on Windows 10, which… yeah, we all know it can have some quirks.

Here is another small bug that I think I have found. Alternatively something has changed since I last did this.

Every month I remove an item (the folder named for last month) from the Project Bookmarks and add a new one. I then rearrange them so that the List goes something like: April, May, Essay, Notes.

In beta 16 I cannot find any way to rearrange the Bookmarks. Dragging creates a new bookmark instead.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Or have I somehow forgotten what I have been doing for the last few months?

Guys, can I just say—one of the team recently pointed it out in another thread—that to them it isn’t very helpful to have a whole list of bugs in a single post as that makes it much harder to assign a reference to each of them to check that they have been dealt with or are still pending.



Pardon the pedanticism, but that applies both to the “here’s my list of small bugs” as well as the “oh hey, that reminded me, I saw this small bug too” sorts of posts. Both of those deserve a new topic, one per bug, so that your bug gets the attention it deserves. Sometimes it might be related to another bug, and the devs can link the two bugs in their tracking system. Sometimes your small bug that seems like it might be related actually is the tip of a different iceberg. One bug per topic gives your bugs (and everyone else’s) the best chance to be fully researched and squashed.