Several suggestion

As I’ve been using Scrivener, a couple of ideas have come to mind:

Tables - Tables should not follow document formatting, or if they do, they should be easily overridden in an easily discoverable way. Right now, the text in each cell is indented for instance, which is not desirable in a table.

Spelling - Names from the name generator are often marked as unknown. Why not include this list in the dictionary by default? I suspect this would be an easy enough change.

Spelling I suspect this is a bug. My personal list of words appears as multiple, short alphabetized lists. The entire list should be one single list in alphabetical order.

Session Goals Right now session goals appear as a separate window. While the progress bar is nice, I would prefer the following:

1 The session goals can be set to be on and visible all the time and reset every time the program is started.

2 The Session goals and progress should appear at the bottom of the screen next to word count. A countdown here would be particularly nice. This would also work very well in full screen mode. It would not hurt to also leave the current design as an option for those who may prefer this.
Keep up the great work!