Shading on document

For some reason, grey shading has appeared behind a few paragraphs of one of the chapters I’m working on.

It only shows if the chapter is in the main window, though.

Does it mean anything, and how do I get rid of it?

Oh, wait, I’ve just realised that I somehow managed to view the whole draft as one document, and the shadings were separating the various chapters. Wonder how I did that…?

It’s called ‘Edit Scrivenings’.

You can select several documents and view them all together using the ‘Edit Scrivenings’ button on the tool bar or: View menu -> Edit Scrivenings. I highly recommend going through the tutorial which covers this and many other useful features of Scrivener.

  • karen

Ah, thanks very much, Karen.

I’ve looked at the tutorial several times, but it’s very, very, very detailed! It would actually be quite handy if it were possible to buy a cheap booklet with the information, so I could consult it rather than going through the tutorial again each time I want to know one thing.

Oh, wait - I’m mixing up the tutorial with the film thingy. Sorry, the tutorial does help.