Share project

How can I share a project with a mate who has Scrivener too?

Hi The_Grinder, and welcome to the forum.

Scrivener is designed as a single-user application, so I don’t recommend that you and your collaborator attempt to access the project at the same time. Doing so could corrupt the project.

Instead, you can work jointly on a project if you work sequentially rather than simultaneously – the process is like a relay race, where the Scrivener project needs to be fully transferred to the next participant before that person can set off.

The simplest approach is probably just to send a zipped copy of the project to the next person who needs to access the shared project. I would use the File > Back Up > Back Up To… command with the Back up as ZIP file option enabled. This approach keeps everything intact and together during transfer and also adds a date stamp to the filename, which helps with version control.

You could even share projects using a facility such as Dropbox if you like, but please note these fairly common-sense guidelines when using Scrivener with Dropbox (or similar solutions).

I’d also suggest searching the forum for “collaboration” to review other posts on the topic.