Shared computer, privacy in scrivener

How can I keep certain projects in Scrivener locked so that I can share my computer but not my texts?

MyLockBox? My Lockbox – FSPro Labs

Hi! I didn’t know about this, so will look into it. No such things within Scrivener then I suppose.
Thank you for your suggestion!

Scrivener, like most all other software on your machine, relies on your own security to the OS and the hardware, or any third party security apps you may install.

It is very easy to create new accounts on your computer, so that everyone using it has their own login and their own separate environment for system and software level settings and files, and can keep their documents private from one another by simple nature of how (standard, not admin) accounts work.

This will generally be the best solution to such problems, rather than trying to lock down individual pieces of software, or documents within them. I can’t think of many cases where one would want to all share one single group account together unless they want to share everything.

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