Sharing a project to a partner with only mobile version


I’m trying to send a project (.scriv file) to a partner who only uses Scrivener on her iPad (no Mac or PC version available to her). Actually, I have several partners like this. Some partners have Files app, some do not. Some have older versions of iOS too.

Is there a consistent method for sending projects from my Mac to someone else’s mobile device?

If I offer them a link via Dropbox, the file is converted to a .scrivx file. What’s the story with the extra “x”


A Scriv project is not a file, it’s a folder, but on a Mac Finder is showing it as a file to prevent a user to change the content.

The only way to share it is to put it in a Dropbox folder accessible from your partner’s iOS device.

The easiest way would be to put it in a separate sub-folder in your Dropbox folder, give your partner read-write access to it and then for your partner to point her iOS Scrivener to that folder (Edit, Dropbox settings)

A .scrivx file is the file in a project that contains a list of all documents in the project. Like a ToC for the project.

That makes total sense. Thank you for taking the time to answer!