Sharing a project with a co-author

I am new to this board. Is it possible to share a project in Scrivener with a co-author who also has Scrivener? If not, might this feature ever come, or is it too difficult? Thank you.

You can share a project between computers using Dropbox, irrespective of who uses the different computers (only yourself or different persons), BUT you must never ever edit the same project simultaneously! You just put the project in a Dropbox sub-directory which you then invite your collaborator to access with full user rights (to both read and write).

But, as I wrote above, you must never ever have a project open on two computers at the same time or you risk destroying the whole project. As long as you are careful to work on the project in turns, this technique works just fine. I use Scrivener on two different Mac:s and two different iPad:s and have only once had a major problem, because I forgot to close the project on the first Mac before opening it on the second. But I realized my mistake and immediately disconnected from my WiFi and closed the project again (and then deleted it on this second Mac before re-connecting to WiFi and syncing with Dropbox, and closing it on the first Mac before opening it on the second).

Just to add to lunk’s answer: the underlying hurdle is that a Scrivener project is actually a folder consisting of dozens, potentially thousands, of files, many of which may be related to each other, but only some of which are open at any one time. (For a long project, this reduces the demands of your writing on your computer’s resources, whilst safeguarding against corruption of what you’ve already written.) From this, you can easily see that more than one author working on the same or different parts of a project simultaneously risks really screwing it up - and would make simultaneous writing or editing a pretty difficult function to programme for.

BTW Plato10, welcome to Scrivener and its forums.

I would say there are plenty of techniques for collaboration with Scrivener, and not all of them are going to be as technical as using a synchronisation service—some can even be as basic as what you’d do with a .docx file, sending it back in forth via email or some other mechanism. While a Scrivener project is a folder, zip compressing a folder into a single file really solves the problem of sending it right there.

Jennifer wrote a good blog post on the topic a few years ago, and if you search through older topics here on the forum you may find some good discussions had over the years. As you might suspect there are a few people who’ve been faced with a similar problem and have posted solutions and questions. I would say in general that Scrivener is flexible enough that its various approaches to that problem are myriad enough to suit a wide variety of working styles and projects, putting it firmly within that “no one right way” realm that you’ll often find with Scrivener. :slight_smile: