Sharing across two Macs

I think this is probably obvious to everyone but me. Still, I’ve just set up a macbook to share files with my mac deskop. So - when I access my scrivener project A on the macbook, amd work on it, do I save it on the macbook? If so is the new stuff saved on the desktop? How can I save my new work on both computers?

Dont put yself down kid :wink: Im still working my way through Scrivs Tutorial for version 1.03. tch! tch!

Oh! by the way. Ive just read,Every little Hurts, pure pleasure :slight_smile:. My niece lives just round the corner from the bottom of Roman Rd`, Mile End. It brought back happy memories. Thanks for the long smile::smiley:

One of these miscreant`ll be along shortly to sort you out. Just hang on in there :wink:
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Thank you for that ego boost. But things have gone from terrible to worse…Scriv on Laptop doesn’t seem to save anywhere. I don’t know where the project folder is, though I’ve put an alias from my Desktop computer in documents. I do something, save it, close Scriv and lo, when I open it, nothing has changed.

Oh, it’s such a mess. I can work on my desktop scriv from the laptop - but what about when I’m far away and my local laptop version won’t save? This is a serious and totally scrambled cry for help…

(Also, I have the same problem with Journler - can’t get the data on to my laptop, and got shouted at for being stupid on the forum. Now I’m a technoworm.)

I note you say you are using an ‘alias’ to try and keep the two computers synced. How are the computers connected to each other?

By wireless. Airport. Sharing files. Though, as you’ll realise, I don’t really know how or why it works.

Hi Jenny,

I’m a little bit confused about exactly what you are doing. It sounds as though you have an alias on one computer and the real file on the other. If that is the case, then only the real file will ever get saved, so if one computer is far away from the other - so that they are not connected any more - then the one with the alias on it won’t have any access to the original file.

Rather than having an alias, I would just go through the original .scriv file. If your two computers are linked (networked or whatever), just make sure that the computer that doesn’t have the original file on it has access to the folder containing the .scriv file on the other computer (via System Preferences > Sharing and turning on File Sharing, then specifying the folders to be shared). Then just open it directly via the Finder, as though it were on the same computer.

When you need to take the MacBook away, if that is not the computer with the original file on it, copy the original file across to it and then copy it back upon your return.

Hmm… I think I just made things even less clear. Still, muddy waters give the illusion of depth, as McLuhan said, or something like that…


Thanks, Keith. No, you made it really clear. But I’ve just seen a thread from yesterday where someone says that they carry their files on a thumb drive to and fro. At least I’ll know what is real and what isn’t (in respect of folders and files). Quaint old fashioned thumb drive seems to be the way to go for me.

Is there any way to save automatically to both the document folder and an attached thumb drive, or do I just back it up from the file menu?

Sorry for dumb questions on a rainy saturday.


Hi Jenny, I was thinking the same was as Keith, hence the question about alias’s. Your only way to really have used the network would have been to have a single file in the laptops ‘drop box’. The downside of course would be you’d have to always have the laptop connected via network to work on your file whilst on your desktop computer.

Using a thumbdrive is an excellent way to work between two computers. (Though don’t work directly off it)
A useful application to have is Lifeboat. Once set up it automatically updates your selected file/folder upon insertion of the thumb drive. No mixing up files or having to drag the file to the thumb drive.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

There’s no way to save in two places automatically, so you’ll have to use the Backup To… feature for this. As Eldritch says, I wouldn’t recommend working directly off the thumb drive, but using one to move the project between computers is an excellent solution. The only caveat is that I would recommend backing up regularly in case you suffer any copying errors.

Thanks, Keith and Eldritch, I feel more on top of things now. Have a good weekend.


How about ‘rsync -e ssh …’ ?

What’s about .mac?


I have an Automator workflow which is a posh name for a script that copies my scrivener project file along with other important files in the same folder into a zip archive and then onto my thumb drive.

I have attempted to attach a simplified version to this post. Save the file to your machine. Place your thumb drive in your machine. Now double click to load the file into Automator.

The automator window will show you two ‘actions’ in its right hand pane which both point to folders on my machine and need to be changed to work on your machine. So click once on the folder icon in the top action then select the plus sign. This should open a folder navigation window, use this window to navigate to the folder where your scrivenor file is held and select the folder. You should see the folder path displayed in the action.
Next in the lower action repeat the above but select the folder on your pen drive where you want to make a copy of your Scrivener file. Note the check box that governs if a copy will replace the existing file.

Now select “SaveAs PlugIn” from the file menu give your action a name and select “Script menu” on the “Plug in For :” drop down menu.

If you display the Script menu (a black scroll on the top menu bar - see below) your new workflow is ready to be used - just click on it.

To get the script menu displayed Apple’s help states
“To make the Script menu appear:
Open the AppleScript utility located in Applications/AppleScript.
Select the “Show Script Menu in menu bar” checkbox.”

Create workflows on both machines to copy your file to and from your pen drive.

best wishes