Sharing compile presets: Mac to Windows?

I have several custom compile presets that I set up on my Mac. Is there any way to import these into the Windows version of Scrivener?

I’m guessing the answer is no. When I export one of the presets from the Mac, I get a plist file. When I go to import in Windows, it seems to be looking for an ini file.

Any suggestions, other than recreating them from scratch in Windows? (It took me forever to get them the way I wanted the first time, so I thought I would at least ask).

Yeah, at this point in time it is not possible to share compile settings between projects (they don’t even share their active compile settings). This is on account of the differing levels of completion between the Mac and PC. We’ve added lots to the compiler over the years, and it’s getting closer to the Mac, but it still has a ways to go, so sharing preference files is at this time still not possible. We do not intend that to always be the case.

So, they probably won’t take as long to set up on Windows, but I would ask why you’d need to do so? If you have access to both platforms, I’d recommend just using the Mac version to compile. There wouldn’t be a strong reason to use Windows unless you can’t use the Mac on occasions where it is vital you produce a copy of the Draft.

Okay, not a big deal. Thanks for letting me know.

I am starting to play around with the idea of using Scrivener at work (where I’m locked into Windows) for proposals and reports and whatnot. So I need to be able to compile from work as well.

I’m now playing around with remote access options to my home computer, which would allow me all that Scrivener-for-Mac goodness from my Windows environment. (It’s just so much nicer on a Mac).

If the remote options don’t work out, I will simply take the plunge and invest the time in configuring Scrivener for Windows to my liking. I’m still in the trial period now.