Sharing on Desktop

Hi there
I am a new user to Scrivener and run it on a MAC.
The question I have is that I share my life and my Mac with my wife but we do run separate desktops!
We also like to write and compose cookbooks together, with both of us seeking to access the program and the books we are creating from our own desk tops.

So the question is
How do we share our projects with each other to edit and add to, from our own desktops!

Currently the program on her desktop only offers an independent trial offer, and not the fully working and paid for version

To license her copy of Scrivener, she just needs to enter the information you did when you bought it yourself (I’m assuming you bought directly from Lit & Latte, rather than the Mac app store). The license covers family members and other computers in your household, so it’s perfectly legitimate to use the same license.

As for sharing projects, you’ll never be able to edit the same one at the same time without risking some annoying, if fixable corruption to your projects. But if you really want to, and are willing to read up on how to do the syncronization across multiple computers safely, then take a look at this: … c-services

You can each get a free account, and share a folder between you so that your other Dropbox files are separate and won’t disappear if the other person gets the itch to clean things up. You’ll need to install the dropbox software, and get familiar with how it works, and how two different dropbox accounts can share folders with each other before you try sharing a single Scrivener project. And once again, I have to say that you can’t both edit (or even open) a Scrivener project at the same time*; you’ll have to work out how to communicate when it’s your turn to open it.

  • Scrivener does have some safeguards to warn you against opening a project that appears to be open on another computer, but they’re not foolproof.

P.S. If you decide to use Dropbox, it would be awesome if you used this link (I get extra space for referrals).

Don’t want to rain on your parade @rdale, but if the OP and his wife are sharing the same Mac, but with separate logins—which is how I read it—then the simple answer is to save the .scriv project into the “Shared” folder on the computer to be found at Macintosh HD/Users/Shared where they should both be able to access the project, without going to Dropbox. As they are using the same computer, they’re unlikely to be trying to edit the project separately at the same time.

Mind you, I think having Dropbox accounts is a very good idea anyway.

My ½p.


Huh, I missed that one crucial detail. Yeah, that’s a much better option than Dropbox!

Thinking it through some more, of course if the OP and his wife use “Fast User Switching”—or whatever it’s called—without quitting Scrivener first, they will hit the “Open on another computer” problem. OP and Mrs, you’ll have to quit Scrivener before switching users or else log out and in.



A big thanks to you all especially xiamenese, andRdale, between you and your advice I got there and thank you…
Kind Regards

A pleasure. Glad you’re up and running.

If you haven’t done so yet, I would strongly recommend you both—perhaps together? :slight_smile: —to go through the tutorial you’ll find under the “Help” menu. I also make a habit when I start with a new app of examining all the menus and sub-menus and going through the Preferences closely; that way I get a good idea of what facilities and options the app includes, even if—after 10 years!—I still use hardly any of them.

That said, people here are very willing to help if and when you have any further questions. Enjoy Scrivener and welcome to the community.