Sharing Project Templates

I made a comic script template that I would like to distribute as an unzipped .scriv file that can be opened directly into iOS Scrivener. I’m going to host it on my own website soon enough, but I’d like to throw it up on here first for feedback. Does anyone have a good technique for distributing a .scriv file without zipping it?

You nearly always want to zip a project if it is going to be distributed through standard Internet distribution protocols—exceptions are probably all universally not applicable, like distributing a project as a git repository and other rather technical scenarios that have very little to do with phones. For example I don’t know of any browsers that allow for downloading whole folders like that (such is typically the domain of bulk file site-downloaders like wget). A folder on a web server is like a folder on your Mac, you double-click and that navigates into the folder and then you can see the files in the folder. The only reason the .scriv folder doesn’t do that on your Mac is because you have Scrivener installed and it has informed Finder to treat that folder like a file instead. The server won’t have any of that information, so depending on its configuration, the browser would display the contents of the project as a browsable list of individual files and folders—or return a permission denied error as no “index.html” would be found.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, AmberV. Definitely made a lot of things I’ve been trying make more sense.

Does that mean there is no way to easily share a Scrivener file without a desktop computer?

The only way I’ve been able to do it is to run a Workflow extension on a zipped Scrivener file which unzips it and allows you to then open the unzipped files in another app. But you have to have Workflow installed and have the custom unzipping workflow to do it. Easy for me since I use Workflow all the time, but not practical for distribution here.

As far as I know yeah, that’s unfortunately the case without third-party apps, like you mentioned. Safari itself cannot do anything with a .zip, so you need something just to get past that bottleneck right there, and then it’s a problem of finding something that can not only unzip but send whole folders to other apps (not common in my experience).

I don’t really think Apple intends for iDevices to be 100% stand-alone by the way, I’ve seen nothing to suggest that anyway. I know some people certainly do try, but it’s always struck me as a bit academic, going pure iOS and no computers. Might work for some things, but ultimately Apple still wants us to buy Macs as well, right? There are too many things where you have to go way out of the way to get utterly basic stuff done without a computer.

The whole package format thing is frustrating in general though. They have this great format for the Mac, use it for all kinds of things themselves (like every piece of software on the Mac), but then completely neglected to really support it on their other operating system and sync network (hence no iCloud). Not much we can do about it though other than add our voice to the choir of complaints.

Just like to point out that you can get apps to unzip things and then save them in Dropbox or OneDrive. I use an app called iZip but it did cost a couple of quid.

Its advantage is that I am freed from my Windows or Mac laptop.



Can you get the project intact into Scrivener from there, though? For me that’s always been the sticking point, as finding tools that can unzip archives is much easier.

I haven’t explored this fully, but I know you can share a ‘live’ scrivener project as a link, which I believe is read-only… couldn’t a person on iOS use the Dropbox app to view the project using that link and then copy it into their Apps/Scrivener folder?