Shift command H intermittently not working as expected

greetings scriveners

i have this weird issue develop from time to time where shift command H no longer highlights the selected text but does something else : it deselects the text and shifts the focus away from the editor to the binder, making the binder visible if it’s hidden and selecting the current file in the binder.

restarting scrivener doesn’t fix the issue only restarting the machine does. so what could be happening here?

as far as i am aware i have changed only one setting in recent times, this one.


but unticking these options doesn’t solve the issue.

any ideas?

Seen similar things both in Scrivener and every other program on macOS. It appears that macOS thinks we want this operation to affect the word where the mouse cursor is and if it is even slightly off from our intended location then the wrong text gets highlighted or dictionaried.

Part of that sounds a lot like the Reveal in Binder command (normally ⌥⌘R but you can check the top of the Navigation menu to verify, when this starts happening). The only difference is that Reveal will not disturb your selection, and indeed will not move the focus either, it’s meant to be a passive command.

Do you use any kind of utility that could augment or modify shortcuts, like native keyboard customisation software (such as Logitech), Keyboard Maestro or BetterTouchTool? It almost sounds like you have multiple events happening, which both of those programs could do from one shortcut. If you are unsure, a good way to check for external interference is to log out of your account, and then log back in, holding Shift key down immediately after submitting your password, and keeping it held down until all the way logged in. This is a kind of “soft” safe mode that stops anything from launching in the background. At that point I would only launch Scrivener and use it for a while to see if the problem comes back with only it running. (Be aware that will suppress all third-party stuff, so if you normally rely on sync, like Dropbox, it won’t be running. Treat this session more as a test if you can.)

Otherwise, a basic reinstall of Scrivener, using a fresh download, is the first thing to do when experiencing odd interface issues.

thanks @AmberV.

you can check the top of the Navigation menu to verify

what would i see there if the Reveal in Binder command was being invoked?

You can try using it; again, it is a passive command, but otherwise as I said it does the things you described happening, save for removing the selection.

I am curious. Where did you set, or see that, SHIFT COMMAND H does something?

Does nothing here for me and I can’t find in Scrivener to set that, nor in macOS Keyboard shortcut settings.

is that not the standard keyboard shortcut for format→ highlight→ highlight (selected) text in scrivener?

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Indeed it is. Now I see it. Sorry as it does not help you, but is working here for me.