Shift + Del = best shortcut for deleting document?

I guess, I dunno, is Shift + Del really the best shortcut to use to move an item to the trashcan?

After sending several documents to the trash can accidentally, I realized it’s because I use SHIFT + HOME, then + DEL frequently to delete lines of text. My finger tends to still be on SHIFT at the end of that combo, so it not only deletes the line of text, it sends the document to the trash can to boot.

Scrivener is the only Windows app I’ve ever used with this functionality. I haven’t used the Wine version, but I do a lot of coding under Linux and frequently use the same key combinations when working with code and it doesn’t have any similar uses in gVIM / Eclipse / RubyMine / Gedit.

Is SHIFT + DEL a Mac thing that I’m just going to have to get used to?

Shift+Del is a Windows thing, actually. :slight_smile: In Explorer and the like, it trashes your file (skipping the recycling bin). The problem here is that it shouldn’t be working as “Move to Trash” when the focus is in a text field (the editor, the synopsis, etc.), and that’s a bug that Lee will fix. The shortcut will only be effective as Move to Trash when you’re in the binder, outliner or corkboard and the selection is the item (not the text inside it)–basically the way Windows Explorer works.

In the meantime, you can open Tools>Options and under the Keyboad tab, filter by “Remove” to get the “Move to Trash” menu option. You can then change the shortcut to something you’re less likely to hit by accident.

Ah, thanks for that explanation. I never skip the trashcan when deleting files, too paranoid, so I had no idea that key combo existed.

I’ll change the keybinding like you suggested – thanks!