Short Story Writing

I am somewhat more than a novice and have several ideas for short stories. Is Scrivener an overkill for short story writing or can it be a viable tool for planning and execution? Thank you for any replies.

Plenty of Scrivener users are working in shorter forms: poetry, essays, short stories, whatever.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of the program.

I first started using Scrivener to write shorts. It provided excellent familiarization for my longer works. I use it solely for books now.

Scrivener is the perfect tool for short stories. I’m writing one in Scrivener now.
If you’re a planner the Synopsis area is the place to write short sentences representing your scenes. The Binder and the Outliner present an Overview of your scenes.
When you are ready to enter those stories in competitions, the Project Statistics feature is helpful for keeping inside word limits.
I’ve got several Compile Formats for various writing competitions that comply with the strict formatting rules they demand.
Compiling to Word for entering these competitions is possible, but you may need to understand how Compilation works in Scrivener.

Many of the same facilities that make Scrivener great for long form writing also make it great for shorter forms.

For example, short stories have structure and scenes, and as such benefit from the ease with which you can tackle your story in the natural units you think of it in — different scenes in different documents, for example. Getting around in your work in progress is so much easier thanks to this simple fact.

Another thing I find Scrivener great for is making working compendiums. For example, I keep a project file in which I jot down my story ideas — each gets its separate doc or folder of docs. Scriv’s easy organization features make this an attractive thing to do. When I am fetching around for a story to work on, I go here.

Another compendium: I have another project I maintain of Writing Tools — which is basically a compendium of tips and tricks and guidelines I have found useful and insightful. When I am trying to improve my skill in some direction, I go here first — to review some good idea I found about character development or what not.

Scrivener is reasonably priced. So, though you are just starting out, you can have a great tool to set in with. It could just make the difference. (And no, I don’t work for LitLat!)

As a general note, there is even a Short Story project template that you can select from, in the Fiction section, when creating a new project. It is quite simple, aimed at submission export in the end, and around the idea of one story per project.

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Thank you all for your valuable input. I’ll certainly consider this program and the free trial.