Shortcut for Bullet Points or Lists

I’m on current V3.0.2 on OSX 10.13.4 and frequently use bullet point lists-- but manually selecting the icon from the menu bar, and then the type of bullet points is super annoying when trying to make notes quickly.

Is there a hotkey or shortcut I can set up to allow me to quickly get to the bullet points or lists?

I searched and there was an article from 5 years ago with the same question and someone referenced this page: … er-for-mac

But when I tried three different short cut suggestions none of them worked. Is there another way or can someone make a suggestion to quickly toggle into Bullet point lists and out of them. Seems like something hat has been in the works for 5 years.

Thank you!


That knowledge base article is definitely the way to go. You need to set it up to refer to the bullet list menu item under Format > Lists, which means that you will need to type in the bullet character as the “Menu Title” under System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > “+”. For instance, if you want regular bullets, you would type Opt-8 to type in the bullet character. I just tried this and it worked fine. One thing you will need to ensure is that the keyboard shortcut you enter doesn’t conflict with any others in Scrivener’s menus, otherwise the other menu item might be invoked instead (you can always change the shortcut of the other menu item if you would prefer to use it for bullets).

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Thank you so much for this. I think/type almost entirely in bullets and this was a make or break feature for me using Scrivener. I’m not sure why this is such an ignored option for so many word processors or writing apps, maybe the bullet typers among us are rarer than I thought.

I created an account to thank you guys!

What if I’d like to make an entire Scapple note to be a bulleted list? I already had a list in one note, but it wasn’t bulleted. When I tried selecting the entire note and then pressing opt>8, it erased the entire list and put in one bullet. It was easy to get the list back, but not so convenient to do the opt>8 each for each item in my list.

Any suggestions for turning a list into a bulleted list in a Scapple note would be appreciated.

I am a new Scrivener Win 3 user and very happy to have found this app. Like the originator of this post, I often use Lists, especially numbered lists when I do a rough outline whether for book length or just a chapter. However, I have zero knowledge of a Mac keyboard.

I understand going to File>Options>Keyboard and then scrolling down to Formatting and eventually to Lists where there are 2 shortcuts - next and prev.

What I do not understand are the keystrokes to create a new shortcut to go directly to lists - specifically the numbered list 1,2,3.

Could you take a few minutes and translate your otherwise very clear instructions into Windows 10 keys and commands?


Just as a suggestion, as you are a Windows user, you’ll get more help with your questions if you post in the Windows forums rather than the Mac forums. There are people who use both platforms and someone who knows thw Windows system will—I don’t know enough—probably chip in here though.