Shortcut for inserting page break?

I just started using Scrivener and am steadily getting better at using it and figuring out how to do stuff. I really like this app! I may actually be in love with the export dialog.

However, one seemingly tiny thing is getting to me, and that is having to enter the menu each time I need to insert a page break. Is there any possibility of adding a shortcut for this? (Or is there some sneaky other way of doing it that I haven’t discovered?)

Scrivener is already choc-a-block with keyboard shortcuts, so the best way to do it would be to go to System Preferences and define your own keyboard shortcut for this item (you can define your own keyboard shortcuts for any program using the Keyboard & Mouse system preferences).

In general, I would suggest that it is better to use the “Page Break Before” flag for generating page breaks in Scrivener, and have new page in a separate document, rather than using the Insert > Page Break menu item, simply because inserted page breaks have no visual representation in the text view. However, I included the menu item for those who do really want to force page breaks for whatever reason and don’t mind the lack of visual clue.


Absolutely; and this works for pretty much any other application in OS X, too. Go to your system preferences, and choose “Keyboard and Mouse.” The third tab is called “Keyboard Shortcuts,” go there. Now we want to add a new shortcut, so click the ‘+’ button. The rest should be self-explanatory. Be sure to type in the menu title precisely. Restart Scrivener, and you should be good to go.