Shortcut for replacing Line Break with Comma+Space

Hi all, I’ve checked both Mac and Scrivener support and can’ t figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m making massive changes to a big document wherein I’m trying to change lists with line breaks to lists with commas, i.e.:

List Item 1
List Item 2
List Item 3


List Item 1, List Item 2, List Item 3

Is there a way to do this with a keyboard shortcut? Or rather, through an already existing function I’m not privy to that I can create my own keyboard shortcut? I definitely DON’T want to change every line break in the entire document, so I’m looking for a shortcut that would work by highlighting a certain section.

Appreciate the help! Tim

Hello, Tim.

  1. Select an entire list

  2. CMD F

  3. In the Find box, type OPT ENTER for a paragraph break or OPT CMD ENTER for a line break

  4. In the Replace box, type COMMA SPACE (or whatever format you want)

  5. In “Replace All Scope”, choose “Selected Text”

  6. Press the “Replace All” button

This will run the find and replace on the just the selected lines. You would then have to move to the next list manually.


That’s it! Thanks Merx.