Shortcut key weirdness (again)

I’m totally baffled here.

I set up a custom key combination for the two split functions:

Split at Selection = Alt+Shift+s,s
Split at Selection with title = Alt+Shift+s,t

These were working fine – I used them to create well over 100 docs from one huge one, and used them for many smaller splits over the last few days.

All of a sudden, they completely stopped working. I did the usual: I exited the project, I exited Scrivener, I rebooted the system, none brought them back to life.

I restored Scrivener to its defaults (both the keyboard and all preferences.) At that point the default shortcuts worked as expected. But after I imported my saved preferences (which unfortunately I saved only after this problem appeared), those keys again no longer worked.

I reset the defaults again (for good measure, existing Scriv both before and after doing so) then I tried to manually reset them to my preferred shortcuts: I highlighted them, then I x-ed them out, leaving them blank.

Here comes the good part:

When I tried to type in my shortcuts, I found the Key Sequence box completely unresponsive to the Ctrl, Shift, and Alt keys, whether alone or in combination. It is able to see single, unmodified keys as expected.

Any ideas what this could possibly be attributed to?

EDIT: Just for the record and FWIW, my keyboard is working fine, including within Scrivener: all of the default shortcuts I’ve tried that use the CAS keys work as expected. But the custom shortcut box just isn’t seeing them.

Update: being the impatient type, I went ahead and uninstalled then reinstalled Scrivener.

But even on this virgin install (or as virgin as a reinstall can be) I’m seeing the same thing.

I really want to be able to make this leap with confidence. :cry:

OK. I figured it out. And it’s a good one. I should’ve caught on sooner. But isn’t that always so?

A few days ago (and as an indication of my settling into this lovely program) I set up a Windows desktop shortcut to launch Scrivener. Guess what it was? Alt+Shift, s.


When I played that shortcut chord, Windows instantly intercepted it and attempted to launch Scrivener… which was already running, limited to one instance (though not one project) at a time… at which point the s and the t were passed to the app and deposited in my document… replacing any selected text in the bargain. With my two Scrivener shortcuts wholly out of the loop. (I’ve apologized to them, and to anyone who might have spent any time thinking about this problem.)

I now declare this case closed. :unamused: