shortcut keys for label and status

I’m heavily into labelling and statusifying, but commands to set those bits of metadata are missing from the “Keyboard” pane of the Options menu.

I understand that this might be a challenge because the label and status lists are user-definable, but perhaps commands for the first through ninth status codes and labels would be achievable? (I’d assign them to Ctrl+Shift+1 through Ctrl+Shift+9 and Ctrl+Alt+1 through Ctrl+Alt+9, maybe?)

Failing that, perhaps a “Next Status” and “Next Label” keyboard shortcut would suffice, so we could cycle through the status codes and labels until we arrive at the desired outcome.

Many thanks for the useful product,


Thanks, this is something worth giving a little thought for the Windows version. On the Mac we have an OS level tool for customising all menus (which works about 99% of the time), so a system for this has never been designed. For Windows we implemented the tool in the preference panel so that something could be done to customise hotkeys. This is still a work in progress, but one thing it won’t be able to successfully do is approach project specific shortcuts. As you say, these are something you can change freely, and for most people they will be different from project to project, so a central hotkey customisation tool isn’t the right answer for that. Maybe something right in the meta-data settings panel itself, as a column to the right of the label name is the answer.

Is there a way to invoke Labels from the keyboard in Scrivener 3?

I ask because the OS keyboard shortcuts don’t work with contextual menus.
If there were an additional set of Label and Status menus in, say, the Documents menu, it would be easy to automate.

No, this was never implemented, as you note.

I’ve always just used macros for this, and have found the most reliable way of doing so is to trigger the command to open the current document in a QR panel, since the bottom right corner of the window reliably has these two menus available in the same distances from the corner, making it easy to send the mouse to the right spot to click. Once there, use the trick of typing in the full name of the label/status you want to select and pressing return to select it from the menu.

Thanks for the suggestion – that’s a clever approach.

The way I’m doing it now with KM is to click on the desired document or folder, and then KM does a right click at that spot and navigates to the appropriate label with arrow keys and typing the name.

The advatange of this approach is that I can select multiple items and change their labels all at once. the downside is if the mouse moves between selecting the target and firing the macro, unexpected results can occur.

That is a good advantage to using the group view right click. I toyed with that approach, but my main problem with it is that a good 90% of the time the entry I’m editing was arrived at through history, links or quick-search navigation, and thus it is nowhere in sight outside of the editor. There are ways to solve that of course, but one messes up the binder collapse state and scroll position, and the other potentially messes up the history queue if I’m somewhere in the middle of it rather than the end.