Shortcut to make line into a subheading

I’ve searched everywhere for what seems like a really easy answer, but no luck. In the top left of the editor, I can click to apply a style like subheading to the line I’m on. I want to find or set up a shortcut key to do this, since I need a new sub-heading often. It would be so much more efficient to just hit Ctrl-1 and keep typing (or whatever the shortcut may be). It’s very annoying to keep having to switch to the mouse and go click the button.

I found posts from a few years back, where some users were able to accomplish this on a Mac, but I’m using Windows and don’t seem to have the same options. I did find Tools->Options-Keyboard, but didn’t find any styles listed there, so it seems like it might not be possible? I may have to go back to Word just because I’ve got my shortcuts there. Thanks for any help!

Since you’re talking about styles, you must be using the Scrivener v. 3 Beta—v. 1.9 doesn’t have styles!—so this should be posted in the Beta Testing forum.