Shortcut to move a footnote reference within the text

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I was wondering if there is a shortcut just to move a footnote reference/link in the text. To do so now, I have to first select the current insertion point (blue text), then select a new insertion point, then control click on the actual footnote text in the side panel and chose “Move to Selection.” This seems to be unnecessarily cumbersome. In Word or Pages, for example, I can just copy/paste the footnote number, which automatically copies also the actual footnote text into the clipboard. I can then paste the footnote reference along with the footnote text intact wherever I want to, even into a different document. Any tips how can I replicate this action in Scrivener? Thanks

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If you go to project settings, you can set a footnote marker to be inserted, instead of the footnote being linked to a specific word in the text :

Project/Project Settings/Formatting

→ [Fn] is what I have set for myself. It can be anything you want.

After that, all you have to do is move or copy this marker.

If you have a text selection when adding a footnote, it’ll behave just as before.
If you have no text selected, the marker will be inserted along the new footnote – which should act pretty much as you described Word and Pages to handle it.

The footnote marker is replaced with its proper number at compile.

Also, I believe (I don’t do this myself as I always use the footnote marker) that you can drag the footnote pane in the inspector onto another word in the main text and that will move the reference to that word.


If that works under Mac, it doesn’t under Windows.

The OP has posted in the Mac forum, so if it does work it gives another option.



Hi Vincent & xiamenese, thank you so much! Both methods you suggested work! Is there a way to change to footnote markers retroactively?
Thanks again!

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I suppose you could manually type in your marker where you want it, and move the footnote to it just as you would otherwise.

Of course it gives an extra option…
But no harm in clarifying that for a Windows user it doesn’t work.

I don’t think there’s any automated way. If you are a Keyboard Maestro user, you might be able to write a macro to cut the text of a footnote, delete the footnote, which would remove the highlight, insert a new footnote with the marker and paste the footnote text into it.


Great thank you! Writing macros is beyond my computer skills:) I’ll just use the footnote marker from here on.

Absolutely not; just another thing that needs to be clarified between platforms.


And so I did.
So, what exactly was the problem ?

I didn’t think there was a problem.