Shortcuts for scandinavian keyboard

I’m using Finnish keyboard and I’m constantly struggling with the shortcuts, that have marked for U.S. keyboard. For example, I can’t find Zoom in/out option for my keyboard.

He is an example of Finnish keyboard. I would really appreciate, if someone could tell the combination that I should press to zoom in/out?

Is there any list of shortcuts for scandinavian keyboards or would it be possible to get one?

The problem seems to persist also with Scrivener 3 for Windows. The shortcuts are marked only for the U.S.keyboard, but in some cases it is impossible to know what the shortcut would be with scandinavian keyboard. For example, shortcut ctrl+\ would not work with my keyboard, because “” isn’t in the same place. Would it be possible to get shortcuts also for us who use scandinavian keyboards?
thanks, J.T

J.T., having used British, Swiss, French, German, Norwegian special codes, and Korean keyboards besides US (which I think fails a lot of shortcuts if you set it in international mode) , I suspect this would be a mammoth job, not only to supply alternate mappings, but even to understand what those should be.

Multiplied by the high number of shortcut keys and combinations Scrivener actually has, and without familiarity as to what would be comfortable for persons using any of the possible keyboards.

I haven’t done this, but I seem to remember many persons who have used something called Auto Hot Key., which may be a much better answer since you can set up keys/combinations you personally like.


It seems to be well accepted, and I think I’m going to have to try it myself :slight_smile:

It’s possible maps that seem they might be helpful for others could be shared , also, no?

And then we could say, ‘kiiitos’ (a significant proportion of my vocabuiary in Finnish…)

Best, and would be interested if it works for you,