Should Layouts include fixed width appearance or not?

Hi. As a work-around to the “unable to resize humongous MathType equations” problem, Amber had suggested changing the appearance to uncheck fixed width, then zooming way out so the document is tiny, and adjusting the size that way. It worked fine until I got to a section of the text where I have to add equations every few sentences. At that point, I tried to set up a layout with a different setting for “fixed width.” I didn’t see it listed in the manual as one of the options not included in layouts (though I understand that zoom level isn’t preserved). It doesn’t work, however. (I.e., nothing changes when I select the layout.)

If that is not a bug and that just isn’t something saved with the fixed width setting, does anyone have any ideas how to avoid having to reset the options every few sentences when I’m inserting an equation? It’s laborious to have to go to options, appearance, main editor, uncheck or check the box, then click out of two warnings that I may have to reset Scrivener, then change the zoom level, resize an equation, and then do it all again. Aaargh. (I couldn’t find a “desperate” emoji.)


I vote to keep fixed width. It’s one of my favorite features of the new layout.