Show Fonts issue


I was using editing my manuscript in split screen mode. I selected the text I wanted to format in all caps, then selected Fonts > Show fonts. When I selected the gear/settings, I was I hit Typography then received the crash prompt. It’s happened a few times now. FYI I’m using MacOs Sierra and Scrivener 2.8 and haven’t experienced this crash error before this update. Perhaps it’s system related given that it’s a Mac window it launches, but I thought I’d report it. Here’s the issue I received on the internal error window.

Exception Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Description: -[NSTypographyPanel noGlyphsStaticString]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x14464fc0 User Info: (null)

I might add that I’m forced to crash Scrivener before I can continue working. Not end-of-the-world stuff, but I hope this helps!


Yeah it very likely is a system problem as both the font and typography palettes are standard macOS components. I would try following this same exact sequence of steps in TextEdit, which should help determine whether this has anything to do with Scrivener, or if there is instead some underlying issue between the font you’re using and the beta.

I tried to replicate it in TextEdit as instructed, but I couldn’t alas.

Hmm, I don’t have the beta installed yet so I’m kind of fishing in the dark here. Is the problem happening with any font? In particular I’d try fonts with different typography features (including none at all). Since crashing is involved, I’d do so in a blank test project instead of anything important.

I was using Adobe Garamond Pro, but switched to Arial and Times and still achieved the same result.

I use Adobe Garamond Pro as my default font and have never had any trouble. But:

  1. I am not using the betas of 10.12 and there is no problem with the typography settings … no crash, etc.

  2. On the other hand, I uploaded AGP onto my iPad Air 2 and used Font Manager to load the set of variants as system fonts. I can’t remember exactly the wording of the alert that came up, but it was something like “This font is unsigned”, but I clicked OK and they installed and everything seems to be working normally.

Perhaps Apple is bringing in some extra code requirement in these latest versions of MacOS and iOS which is throwing up alerts on old font versions—I have been using AGP for about 15 years.


EDIT to remove a lapse of memory!

I can’t think of anything else easy to try at the moment, so I’ve added this to my list of things to check once we get closer to 10.12 launching. I suppose you could try flushing the font cache and rebooting—but I wouldn’t expect a problem like that to only impact one program.