Show only scenes with a specific status?

I have 60+ chapters in my book, split over 4 parts. When I click the Part folders, I see the scenes on index cards, as expected.

Is there a way to show only the scenes that are set to a specific status? For instance, I have a number of “blank” scenes that have a status of “To Write.” When I’m in full-on writing mode, I’d just like to see those particular scenes, so i can focus.

Is that possible?


Ctrl + F when in the corkboard :

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Or do project search and search by status you want.
Then save search as a dynamic collection. Thus, every time click collection will rerun search. So as you do scenes and change status your collection will shrink.

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I figured out that a collection built off search results is automatically a dynamic collection. Now I’m trying to refine the results so that things don’t show up from my archive folder.

I tried this on the “Manuscript” item, but since my book is divided into Parts, it doesn’t list the specific scenes - just either includes the Parts or nothing at all.

Scrivener’s strength is when text is broken into small 1000-2000 word chunks. If 10,000 or lager chunks then keywords become nearly useless.

Select your Part1 folder, then Shift-select the last item in your draft.

Else, in the outliner the same filtering will work, and without that limitation.
But of course the presentation is different.

Thanks, both of you.

@GoalieDad has the closest to what I was looking for, but the results aren’t great, because it’s pulling results from texts that aren’t in the manuscript (e.g. my Archive folder). If there were a way to use advanced project search terms, (i.e. “Status: To Write” or the like) then it would present exactly as I was hoping (just a list in the Binder/a collection of the documents with that status).

I think for now the Outliner may be my best option since it’s showing the results filtered by status.

I’ll keep tinkering, I guess.

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Perfect! Mine shows “Search Manuscript Only,” but it accomplishes the same thing. Thank you both so much!

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Unfortunately, Scrivener only offers this for the date: mdate/cdate.

But there is a workaround. Insert a special character before the status. Then you can search normally in the project search with “All”. I use two semicolons “;;” for the status.

A possible status list would then look like this

And this is how the search works


Of course you can do this for all metadata. I put two colons “::” before keywords


This works quite well :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I just dumb, but if search status like To Do by checking status will turn up documents so labeled in the inspector without special characters. I would see this if use All as your search criteria, rather than a narrower focus. I have Windows. Am I dense, not seeing what I am missing.

Hm, sorry, I have no idea what you mean. It’s probably me and my English. Let me guess what you might want to know.

The search with “All” for “todo” finds also “;;todo”. I don’t care. If it is important to you to only find “todo”, then do it like this


The important thing for me is the reverse. “;;todo” does not find “todo”.

The search method is not perfect, because Scrivener of course searches in all fields. For me, however, this is much better than the default way, because I can search for several metadata (and words) at the same time.

No, you’re not dumb. I think I’m right that @fto is unusual in that he keeps everything in a single giant project. That’s fine, but it gives him far more problems with Search than most users will encounter, hence his specific use of variants in metadata.


I see what you are saying. For just searching status alone may be overkill but if searching all text then I understand. I was focused only on status. Do something similar for edit issues like dxxx marks dialog issues, wbxxx is for worldbuilding. These are letter combos that would not happen normally and place inside text right at point of issue and you delete marker as you fix it.

@xiamenese Yes, you’re right, I probably use Scrivener a bit differently than others. But the basic problem occurs with all projects. It is not possible to search for metadata and words at the same time without “tricks”. Most people probably don’t need that. I only mentioned it because @praetorian75 specifically asked for “advanced project search terms”. This is the most advanced I can offer. :joy: :wink:

@GoalieDad I wouldn’t say “overkill” :slightly_smiling_face: Documents with the correct status are found reliably, and only these. Without having to change a setting in the search menu.