"Show progress bars in Quick Search toolbar item"

Is there an option to show this always instead of having to hover over it?

There is no option to make it so these do not show up except on hover. The only circumstance that would cause them them to not appear (other than this setting being off of course) is if the project does not have any goals set to it. Try Alt+clicking in the tool to bring up the floating panel, where you can make changes.

I have goals set, but it’s still only showing on hover. When I’m not hovering over it, it shows the title of the currently selected document instead.

The progress bars are small, so depending on the current state of them you might be mistaking them for adornments. You should see a blue bar along the top, bottom or both—and that should always be there, even if the name of the item is printed instead of the stats.

Oh, yeah I see those. Not sure why I wrote progress bars. What I actually meant was that the numbers themselves aren’t shown without hovering, and was looking for a way to have them always show instead of the selected doc’s title.

Ah, I see! Okay in that case no, there isn’t a setting for that. Can’t you just park the mouse there while you write? That’s the idea anyway. There is also of course still the floating panel if the toolbar isn’t compatible with how you work.