Show Project total actual and target word counts in Outliner

Firstly, I know that I can ‘Show Project Targets’ and enter there a total word count target and see a total word count actual for draft folder. For example, mine shows 50,000 of 80,000 words.

I would like to see these totals in Outliner (similar to Excel SUM function for a column)

I have mutiple chapters and have entered word targets for each chapter, which I can see in Outliner. However, I have to manually sum these to see if I have sufficient chapters and/or content in each chapter. In other words, does my current word count target add up to 80,000 … or 95000 … or 65,000 …?
Is there something I am missing where I can see the total for the whole project of the targets I have set?
Any help appreciated

At the very right of the Column Headings bar of the outliner that is an angle bracket (>). Click this to get a menu of columns you can activate in the Outliner view. Activate the columns you want and then adjust their widths to suit.


Thanks GR.
It seems I did not explain my issue clearly. I am not looking for another column ‘to the right’ – ie another column such as word count ec with more detail regarding a particiular folder or document,

What I want is a total of the totals. For example, my works shows the following in the Total Target column:
Introduction: 5000 words
Ch 1: 5000
Ch 2: 5000
Ch 3: 15000
and so on

Here is my question: what is the total of those – ie the total of the targets for introduction and chapter word counts? At the moment I add these manually to see how this looks against my Project Total of 80,000 words.

Is there a SUM total somewhere which I am overlooking, so I can compare the total of all chapter targets with the project total target?

Thank you

Am away from my mac. I know the following works for word count. Perhaps the point generalizes.

Notice that one of the columns you can ask for is total word count rather than just word count. For a folder, the total word count column will show you the total word count of the docs it contains (as opposed to the word count of the folder’s own text space, which is probably 0). So, if the docs you want totaled are in a folder, you have what you want. If they are not in a folder, you can create one to put them. You could just make a folder at the top of you draft folder and put everything in there. Then when you selected the Draft folder in the binder, the outliner’s first row would be the tweener folder and would give you a total word count.


Isn’t that what you have at the bottom of the Editor window if you click the top level in the binder in scrivenings mode?
I don’t remember if it is shown in Outline mode

I think the OP is trying to get a total Target figure from individual set chapter targets, not trying to get total word count. (I may have added some confusion here, because I used word count in my post – though that was meant as a suggestive parallel).

Isn’t also seen at the bottom? Below the editor?

Geez, I’ve really got to stop reading the Mac forums on my iPad! :blush:

Thank you lunk – you have answered my question. Although it would be helpful if this total was shown in the Outliner, or as a separate item in the Show Project Targets popup, you are right.

This (for me) is a major time saving. Now I can use a split screen with the Outliner and top level Binder and keep adjusting total targets in each chapter and immediately see impact.