Show status in binder

I often use Scrivener to write assignments that have multiple parts or to organize multiple things I need to write. It’s very helpful to be able to track which ones I’ve done and which I haven’t. The best place to organize these documents is the binder, but I can’t see any statuses I’ve assigned in the binder. As a workaround, I’ve edited the project’s label list to “to do,” “editing,” “done,” etc., and changed the labels of projects so I can look in the binder to see how I’m doing. However, it would be great if I could do this with status rather than labels. (Maybe status could appear as a little colored bar, like labels do in the corkboard. Or maybe, if a document is marked as completed, the text could get grayed back or crossed out.)

Thanks for considering this!

A) I use Labels for that just as you have come to (and have the binder icon tinting turned on). Thing is that Labels do everything you want, so why worry about the Status function at all? (If it is the names ‘Status’ and ‘Label’ that are throwing you, you can actually rename these in the Project Settings!)

B) In terms of seeing what you want, you can see statuses in the outliner view (which is like the binder on steroids) as well as corkboard.

That’s my two cents from a fellow user. I don’t actually use Status for anything.