Show titles in Composition mode? (version 2.8)

Hi there,

I can’t find a discussion or menu item where I can show document titles in composition mode. I am working in a poetry project, using documents for poems. I have selected “show titles in scrivenings” but when I want to work in composition mode, there is no title visible. I want to be able to edit and write my poems with title visible as it will be when it is published, without having to copy and past all my headings into the main text every time.

Thank you for your help in advance!

I can see titles when I compose from scrivenings or from multiple selected files, but not when composing from a single file

I think you have found the answer yourself.
When you click on just one document in the binder and then enter composition mode, you know what you selected. If you select several documents and use scrivenings mode you need to know where you are and thus need the titles.
I think the only way to see the title in single-document composition mode is to open the floating inspector.

Composition mode is not meant to show the text “as it will be when it is published”.

Why not use full screen mode instead?